March 16, 2012

This image started as a collaboration on ic which is an image board on 4chan. Everybody could take an image and modify it. But instead of just changing a little bit and posting it back on ic, i ended up doing this hole picture. 

This was the picture that was posted on ic. From there I could go anywhere I wanted and ended up with this picture below.

I like this picture because it made me realise something important while doing it. I am afraid of making my shadows too dark. It was also the first time I began a painting without sketching it out first, wich was realy liberating. Before I would start with a pencil drawing underneath my paintings and I somehow didn't want to loose all the details that I had drawn. An other great aspect of begining with random blotch of colors is that it removed one of my biggest burden. Finding the colour palette that I should use.

Well these are the only inbetween images I could find. If you compare this last image with the final one, You can see a lot of the energy is gone. One of the reason is that I enlarged the image to paint more details in...and that slowed down my computer a lot and it couldn't keep up with my brushstrokes anymore. Whenever I made a stroke I had to wait a few miliseconds to see that brush stroke appear. But that problem will hopefully disapear when I get a more powerfull computer.

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