March 16, 2012

So it starts.... My name is Vincent Biwer, I'm a soon to be freelance artist, or so I like to think about myself when I sleep, and this is my blog. I'm not sure yet what I will write about here on this blog, but i think I'll post my work and try to show some of the process it took to get there.

Now about these picutres. I made them one year ago. It was a 5 page long story which initially could have become more if I liked where it was going. But it didn't so I stopped there.
I only uploaded these two because these were the only pages I was relatively satisfied with in terms of how they turned out.

In retrospect, I can see now a lot of problems with them, Especially in the area of light and shadow. Everything is brightly lit and most of the colors for the shadows were a darker version of the same color instead of playing with cool vs warm colors. I also should have put more emphasis on contrast etc... But it's a problem I still tend to have.

There are obviously a lot of other things I would like to change...but well. I'm better of doing other works instead.

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