April 3, 2013

Ancient Market Thumbnails

Some early research


  1. those thumbnail are awesome. can give some tips of doing it? I always having problem of getting color down. Do u start with a range of color palette first choose first?

  2. Hi, thanks so much for checking out my blog and commenting. As for your question. I don't know where you are yet in your art journey, so i just tell you what works for me but bear in mind that I'm still learning everyday. And every day i learn that what i thought i knew was wrong.

    My process is very simple. I begin with multiple frames, then i put some random blotch of black in each frame. Try to see something in it and move things around till it looks more like what i want it to look like. When i don't know where to go anymore, i'll move on to the next frame. When all the frames are done. I choose a color scheme and put it over all the frames completely at random. Either with an overly,color layer or in normal mode but with the layer set to 50 percent. And then i try again to see something, move things around, till i see an more finished idea.

    As for the choice of colors i usually choose completely at random. I just take a color and see were it goes. There isn't a real rule to it. Most of the time. If your values are right. It will work somehow. And over time, you'll get a eye for what colors work and what won't.

    But all in all, the most important thing for environment, is a very good grasp of perspective, composition and how light works. If you still struggle with these three. Then you may be better of doing it the tedious way. That is, draw your perspective line, then draw your environment and then try to paint it. Thumbnails are a shortcut that is only useful if you already know how to go there the tedious way.

    But really, the best way to get good at anything is to do it and failing at it, then pushing harder till it works.

    Most of the time i'm stuck, i don't know what the hell i'm doing. But i keep working on the piece...and then something will work. That's when you learn. So keep that in mind.

    Well as i said. Don't take me to seriously because i'm wrong all the time. If you think something made sense, good. If not, well that's ok too^^.

  3. tks for sharing tips. :D got to try it. yah, i browse through your gallery, ur hard work really show ur improvement. each piece is getting better and better.